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The solution to your cleaning problem is right here! Imagine how good you are going to feel when you see your cabinets and furniture looking like new again. Imagine how relieved you will feel when your windows and shower glass are completely clear of those ugly, white water stains and mineral deposits. We work hard to develop products that really work, so you don’t have to work so hard!

A1 Value Pac Touch Of Oranges Touch Of Beeswax Small 360x540Touch Of Oranges and Touch of Beeswax for Wood Care and Home Cleaning are the best wood cleaners and preservatives on the market, 90% of the people who order these products come back and buy more the other 10% just haven’t finished their first order yet. Wood surfaces treated with Touch of Orange glow like new.

A1 Value Pac Pro-Tec Bring It On Cleaner 360x540We offer the popular water spot removers for cleaning windows and shower doors. Use our Bring It On Cleaner and Pro Tect water shield to make cleaning your bathroom shower a breeze. There is no mixing so you don’t need gloves.  Bring It On Cleaner has Oxygen Bleach so it cleans AND disinfects as well.

A1 Sonic Cleaner and Ice Jewelry Cleaner
Take a look at our Ice Jewellery Cleaner or our Sonic Cleaner if you want to have glittering jewellery or crystal clear glasses. A1 Miracle Clean 4 L 360x540

Check out our Multi-Purpose Miracle Clean to tackle many of your toughest household cleaning jobs.

A1 Restore a finish 360x540We have expanded our line to include established products for antique restoration and wood restoration with Howard products Restor-A-Finish. We have included our specialty wood wax and our hard final topcoat wax to protect wood finishes.

Use our Howard Naturals and Our Home, Kitchen and Furniture Care  Products to help restore old and damaged wood and antiques. With all natural ingredients and essential aromatherapy fragrances these products are Environmentally Safe, and Earth Friendly.

Howard Products are vegetable derived cleaning and home care products.

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