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Restore-A-Finish provides a quick and easy method to restore color and lustre to worn wood finishes. The formula has been is use for over 40 years!If you are dealing with a wood surface that contains white heat rings or water marks, scratches or blemishes, Restor-a-Finish can make your wood look like new again, without damaging the existing finish and without costly and time consuming stripping and refinishing.Use Howard Products Restore-A-Finish for wood restoration:

  • Eliminates white heat rings and water marks.
  • Blends out scratches and blemishes.
  • Restores color and luster to faded finishes.
  • Will not dissolve existing finish.

When you are matching colors, if your wood is between two colors, choose the lighter color.Howard products Restore-A-Finish is a popular “Restore it – Don’t strip it” wood restoration product.Don’t forget to clean the surface before refinishing. And remember to protect your new finish. Click here for a special deal on our Complete Wood Restoration Kit.Are you an informed buyer of wood restoration products? Before you buy review the benefits of Howard Products Restor-A-Finish:

  • Restore it – Don’t strip it! – restore color on wood.
  • Safe to use – will not dissolve, remove or even soften the existing finish.
  • Safe to reapply – will not darken the existing color (may want to reapply for deep white rings and watermarks).
  • More for your money – can be used on multiple surfaces – can be used on lacquer, shellac, and varnish (does not harm or penetrate polyurethane – simply cleans it).
  • Even more for your money – quickly eliminates: white heat rings, water marks or damage on wood, sun fade, oxidation, smoke damage, etc…
  • Save time – Howard Products Restore-A-Finish cleans the surface and restores the finish in one step – without removing any of the existing finish.
  • Easy to use wipe on and wipe off!
  • Work on multiple projects – antique restoration – Howard’s Products Restor-A-Finish comes in nine different colors.

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