PineOla Copper & Brass Cleaner


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PineOla is the copper, brass and bronze cleaner polish that the professionals use. Don’t let the word ‘Pine’ mislead you. This is a serious, top-shelf METAL polish!


And as a smart shopper, you know that our low price and shipping means that you won’t find a lower total price for a top-quality metal polish anywhere else.


For over 50 years people have been trying to improve on the Pine-Ola formula, but nothing has proven to be any better at cleaning brass, copper, bronze and stainless steel.


Pine-Ola by Howard Products is known for being amazingly fast and easy to use. No abrasives, no harsh chemicals, and no need for hard rubbing, gentle on your hands.


A proven formula! Used by leading antique dealers for over 50 years! Quickly clean and polish all your copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel.


And your treasures stay beautiful longer because the formula is designed to keep tarnish from coming back! Non-flammable, environmentally safe, no petroleum distillates.


Is this the first time you are thinking of cleaning your brass, bronze or copper? Check carefully to see if there is a lacquer coating on your metal! Sometimes the odd looking spots on the metal are nothing more than thin spots in a lacquer coating.


You’ll want to remove any lacquer coating before using Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish. Any acetone based lacquer/paint remover will take off the lacquer coating.


Some products are even labeled Brass Lacquer Remover. Once you have exposed the raw brass, polish with Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish, using a soft towel. Many of our customers use the Citrus Shield Paste Wax to top coat the metal after you polish it! They say that it prolongs the tarnishing process and helps to keep the shine.


Stop being frustrated, no more home remedies that “kinda work”, here is a guaranteed solution for:


  • Cleaning brass AND polishing brass
  • Cleaning copper AND polishing copper
  • Cleaning bronze AND polishing bronze
  • Cleaning stainless steel AND polishing stainless steel

Each bottle contains enough polish to shine about 70 feet of hand rail.

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