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Hi Touch of Oranges

I thought you might enjoy the attached photo.

I built this fountain two years ago and tiled it with beautiful Spanish tile, only to have the beauty ruined by hard water scale. I spent hours trying to get the scale off by trying almost every type of cleaner and acid I could find at Wal-Mart, Target, hardware stores, etc. Nothing worked!! I was frustrated and figured my gorgeous fountain was ruined.

I saw your Bring It On at the state fair and while fairly skeptical bought some as a last resort. Well, with your fabulous product and yes, a lot of elbow grease, I got all the scale off!

I then left the fountain empty while doing a ton of research on water softeners and other treatments to remove scale, finally settling on a water softener. I installed the water softener, filled the fountain and sat back to enjoy. Soon it was covered with scale again! I called the manufacturer of the water softener and was told “well, now you have soft water scale!”

I have since found out that softened water will leave a scale and that the only water that will not leave a scaly residue when it evaporates is distilled water! I was told the soft water scale would be much easier to remove. Wrong!! All those cleaners failed again; it is just as hard to get off in its own way.

Out came the Bring It On, though this time I sped up the process by gently using a green scotchbrite attached to a 3M disc, as you can see in the photos. A gentle  hand with that and Bring It On had my fountain sparkling again.

After these two adventures in cleaning scale I just bought 150 gallons of distilled water at Wal-Mart and am researching water distillers!

Thanks for a great product! It’s cool to know a small company can figure out a better product than all the giant corporations.

Jim Aborn


From a Happy Touch of Oranges / Beeswax User